Taebo & Fitness Bootcamp


No more excuses, stop procrastinating and join us today!


Our combined program of Taebo and Fitness Bootcamp, together with our healthy eating tips has already helped a lot of people lose that unwanted extra cm’s, becoming fit and living healthy, shouldn’t you try it?


  • Take charge of your life!
  • Bring out the positive qualities in you!
  • Develop confidence, self-discipline and a positive mental attitude.
  • Overcome fear, self-doubt and bad habits.
  • You can do it!
  • It takes serious, dedicated training, and most of all, it takes the right program.

This is absolutely amazing! By following the program, I’ve lost 11cm in 10 weeks!                              Karin

In 4 months, I’ve lost about 8kgs of fat, more than 25cm and feel great.                                       Lynn

The program helped me prepare for adventure races, it has picked up my strength and fitness levels.    Carl

Taebo and Fitness Bootcamp classes in Centurion Pretoria. Get fit, lose weight, look great, build confidence. JOIN US TODAY!!!

Health & Fitness

Learn to recharge your body with exciting energy. Flush your system clean of internal poisons that breed illness. Massage and stimulate your body. Create bodies that are sleek, firm, and graceful. Our Taebo classes have been developed by real martial artists who have been practising Taekwondo for years, so the benefit of doing Taebo with us is that you will be trained the traditional Taekwondo way – we will ensure your punching and kicking skills are 100% correct to give you a better all round workout.

Ki-Do Karate Aerobics is based on Billy Blanks’ Taebo with one difference. We teach all our Ki-Do students the basics of martial arts first. Why is that? We have found so many spin-offs of Taebo teaching all over and never showing people the correct technique, thus creating a false sense of workout in their students. If you don’t do the technique 100% correct, then you will not benefit from any form of Taebo or Karate Aerobics whatsoever.

By doing the techniques correctly you ensure your body gets maximum workout in minimum time. Therefore, our classes are always started with a “basics” section – whereby we will ensure students know the precise correct technique of doing the correct kick or punch. Thereafter we will proceed with the actual workout bit.

This means that our students are not only fighting fit, they stay fit fighting!

Outdoor Training

Our fitness bootcamp was developed to give you a short 45 minute high intensity workout for maximum benefit. You will lose weight, get fit, get strong and lean when following our program. For best results we suggest you train at least 3 sessions per week. It has been scientifically proven that anything less than 3 sessions per week is insufficient to get results.

Training takes place outdoors for a very specific reason – the type of training involves using body strength, coupled with high intensity cardio training such as walk back sprinting, push ups, crunches, shuttle runs, boxing, kicking, flexibility and much more.